Julia Marchese on Genesis’ Scalarama Weekender!

I first came to the Genesis Cinema in 2016 for Scalarama when they showed my film, Out of Print, on 35mm. That endeared them to me, of course, but they stole my heart with their Sunday afternoon Jack the Ripper triple feature. A chance to see three Ripper movies back to back in Whitechapel? Yes please!
I am thrilled to be returning to the Genesis for Scalarama this year, joining Kim Newman and Edgar Wright in programming for the finale of the festival. They gave me free reign as to what I would like to program and I am so excited to be sharing these films with you.
I’m starting my day, Sunday, September 30th, with a little scene film from 1988 called The In Crowd. It stars one of my favorite actors, Donovan Leitch, the son of 60’s folk singer Donovan and is full of music, dancing and fun. If you’re a fan of Hairspray, I think you’ll like this film.
Next is a short doc I adore called Heavy Metal Parking Lot which highlights the tailgators from a 1986 Judas Priest concert in Maryland and made the rounds in the USA on bootleg VHS, which is where I first saw it. And it perfectly leads into my next pick, another doc about eccentric Americans, Crumb. A stunning documentary by Terry Zwigoff about the comix legend R. Crumb, this film is truly not to be missed.
Last, but certainly not least, is La Ronde, a fantasical cinematic journey that will leave you more in love with film than when you arrived.
I hope you will join me to view these films at the Genesis on Sunday. It’ll be a barrel of fun, and I will be there to say hi as well. Come celebrate the wind up of Scalarama, the best film festival in the UK, and a chance to fully embrace everything beautiful about cinema.
You can book tickets to Genesis’ Sacalarama Weekender right here: http://genesiscinema.co.uk/GenesisCinema.dll/Page?PageID=1&SubListID=0&SubPageID=28

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