Friday 28th September – Sunday 30th September 2018

As a finale to Scalarama 2018 in London, Genesis is proud to present a weekend of non-stop exploding cinema. 9 fantastic films – many of which may be new to you – in the tradition of midnight movies and the Scala’s legendary marathons, selected for you by the films fans’ film fans: Kim Newman, Edgar Wrightand Julia Marchese. There’ll be a Q+A on Friday with Kim and our special guest curator from the USA, Julia.


Rather than watch these films alone at home on digital devices, at Genesis Scalarama Weekender you can watch them in the way that the film-makers intended you to experience them: in an actual cinema, in the safety of an audience of like-minded strangers rather than as part of a claustrophobic ‘social network’ online, in elegant film spaces, in a city where you’re free to move at night, to dream your own dreams and think your own thoughts.

Films include George McCowan’s ‘Frogs’, Harry Kümel ‘s 1971 lesbian Gothic Euro-erotica ‘Daughters Of Darkness’; Brian De Palma’s rock horror musical comedy ‘Phantom Of The Paradise’; from the people who brought you ‘Airplane!’ Val Kilmer as an Elvis-clone turned super spy in ‘Top Secret!’; yuppie Griffin Dunne trapped in the bohemian nightmare of Rosanna Arquette’s West Village punk scene, in Scorsese’s 1985 ‘After Hours’; an Eighties paean to the faded glamour of Sixties TV dance-shows, ‘The In-Crowd‘; Terry Zwighoff’s ‘Crumb’, an uncomfortable portrait of the legendary underground comic book artist; and to round off an Autumnal Sunday evening, Max Ophüls’s sumptuous 1950 film ‘La Ronde’.


We’ll also have a selection of secret screenings of the bizarre and brilliant in our luxurious Bar Paragon throughout the weekend – free to all ticket holders for the event.

Tickets are £50 for a weekend pass, £24 for the ‘Edgar Wright Saturday’ special, or £10 / £7.50 [students / concessions] for each film.

We’re offering a limited number of free tickets to guests who’re unwaged and on low-incomes. Email or visit the venue for more information.



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