We’re now into our eighth week of our #DirectedByWomen2017 season, in which we put on (at least) one female directed film every week this year. This program also includes our TEEN UNSCREENED season, in which we focus on female directed teen films!

The past decade has seen some very strong teen films focusing on young women. Styles range from high school politics comedies like Mean Girls and 10 Things I Hate About You, to the dark comedy of Juno or Thirteen, and even the Pitch Perfect films, in their complete focus on the dynamics of female friendships. Though quite different in tone, one thing these films share is they’re all written by women.

Ellen Page in Juno

Those examples are mainstream films that most people have probably seen, or at least heard of. Instead, we’re looking to show female directed – and, whenever possible, female written – teen films as part of our season because they take young women seriously and tell their stories in respectful, realistic ways.

Teen films are so enduring and important because they acknowledge the realities of how difficult it is to be in the stage where you’re not yet an adult, but you’re still expected to carry the responsibilities and consequences of acting like one. Adults can relate back to this, and teenagers can recognize it within their own lives. In this way, teen films help adults and teens communicate more effectively, by providing a way to express the anxieties that come with growing up.

Ariyan A. Johnson in Just Another Girl on the I.R.T.

So we’re gonna show some great female directed teen films! We’ve got some good ones coming up in the next month or so, with Permanent Record at the end of Feb, and in March we have Beautiful Thing, Just Another Girl on the I.R.T. and At Five In The Afternoon.

Come down and join us for one of these fantastic teen films, all #DirectedByWomen!


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