#Genesisters + F-rated present: Mustang + Panel discussion

In what’s been a fantastic year for foreign language cinema, with releases including the one-shot thriller Victoria, Dheepan, which draws attention to the harrowing exploration of the modern-day search for refuge, and Son of Saul, the horrifying exploration of the holocaust’s Sonderkommando, comes another evocative and powerful  feature – Mustang.

Mustang CMG web gallery_03_{008dd9ce-243d-e511-8d05-d4ae527c3b65}_lg

Directed by French-Turkish film-maker Deniz Gamze Ergüven, and written by Alice Winocour, (Augustine, Disorder), the Oscar nominated film which is set in rural Turkey, centres on five orphaned sisters who find themselves under a backlash and strict rule of their grandmother, aunt and uncle, and explores the issues of forced marriage and the lack of women’s fundamental rights, triggered by the highly conservative society surrounding them.

With a cast featuring many first time actresses including, Gunes Sensoy (Laile) and Tugba Sunguroglu, (Selma) whose ages range from 14 – 21, Mustang, through it’s coming of age narrative, begs some serious questions about women’s rights in Turkey and subsequently draws attention to the subject of women’s rights all around the globe.

On Saturday on the 14th May, at the Genesis cinema, we will be uncovering these questions and celebrating this rare and visually stunning portrayal of feminism and sisterhood for #Genesisters + F-rated present:  Mustang + Panel discussion.

On the panel we’ll have representatives from the brilliant Another Gaze Journal, Reel Good Film Club, gal-dem zine, WOC Film Club and Feminist Fightback, who will be chairing the panel, along with the F-Rating team who’ll be introducing the idea of the F-rating certificate.

Hailed as one of the best female coming of age films in years, don’t miss this unmissable screening and discussion that’s been co-created for women, by women.

Get your tickets now.


Yasmeen x


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