From the archives…

We’ve been looking in the Genesis archives recently and stumbled across this beautiful booklet by David Jones and Kevin Wheelan – ‘ABC Mile End – The First 150 Years’.



Below: This is us in 1904 as the Paragon Theatre and as the Mile End Empire Cinema in 1938! This is the cinema equivalent of looking through old family photos. Photo credit: Kevin Wheelan.



Below: This is what our lovely Screen 1 used to look like as the Empire cinema in 1939! Pretty snazzy. Photo credit: Kevin Wheelan.


Below: Cool celebrities visit us in the sixties! These are photos of Tommy Cooper, Leslie Philips, June Thorburn, Sidney James and Barbara Windsor. Did you know the world premiere of Sparrows Can’t Sing was held here? Photos: David Jones.


Below: the front of the ABC, Screen 1 and Screen 1 projection room. Things have changed a bit!


Below: The top picture is of Screen 3 and beneath is the projection room for Screen 2!


These are some photos of how we look now (think of this as a cinema before and after piece):


Our beautiful Screen 1:


Team Genesis x


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