gallery march

Edd Bullinger is a contemporary artist working with disparate creative elements which include text, abstract painting and pattern design.


Medium: oil, acrylic and white spirit on canvas board.

Edd’s abstract paintings are an exploration of the application of layers and texturing of various mediums. He is interested by the mixing of colours and the vibrant blends that can occur through the process of their semi-uncontrolled amalgamation; when the paint is allowed to flow freely down the length of the canvas, it inevitably traps and fuses with whatever other pigments lie in its path, creating new strains of colour, whilst simultaneously stripping its previous location of its original richness. The process is both constructive and destructive.

The artist’s intention is not to simply depict a surreal interpretation of landscape (however, each of his abstract paintings may be likened to a landscape, by their indirect representation of land and sky) but to infuse the traditional with the unorthodox; to use well-established understandings of colour against the harshness and ‘unwelcome’ elements of industrial and chemical staining. Edd has found great joy in integrating both sides to produce unlikely results.

gallery march 2

One of the best parts of these experimentations is the fact that no one of the paintings will ever emerge the same; each is unique in appearance despite having all been manufactured the same way. Essentially, each painting is made of two parts: the half that the artist has control over and where the amounts of each material to be smeared onto the canvas are chosen. The other half is what happens next; where harsh chemicals are applied and the drips start to take hold of the paint that surrounds them, slicing through thinner and thicker layers, carving out their own path through composed texture.

gallery march 3

For more information about Edd Bullinger and his work please click here

To contact Edd regarding his work or purchase items you have seen, please email


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