Summer Preview: Five Films to Watch

Here we are in limbo. March is the most awkward time in the movie calendar – the gap between awards season and summer blockbuster season. In the past week, we’ve shown films from the loud and proud Need for Speed to the dark and moody indie, The Zero Theorem. Before we know it, we’ll be in summer blockbuster season – with big-budget popcorn flicks arriving in hoards.

Iron Man 3 kicked it off last year in April, but this year, it comes a little early with Captain America: The Winter Soldier, which launches tomorrow. This Marvel superhero sequel will be a great start – but there’s even more to look forward to in the coming months.


Release Date: 16th May 2014

Bryan Cranston will star in this epic re-imagining of the classic Japanese monster story. After Roland Emmerich’s critically panned 1998 effort to bring Godzilla back to the big screen, it’s craving an established modern retelling. The stills coming in look absolutely exhilarating – we can’t wait to get this car-smashing monument in Screen 1.


Release Date: 4th April 2014

As we mentioned last week Aronofsky’s taking a strange turn with this big-budget biblical retelling. Russell Crowe will play Noah – a role that’s sure to remind us of the passion and ferocity that got him the Oscar for Gladiator. It’s already caused a hubbub in the US for mistreating scripture, but we’re just looking out for how well it picks up the story and turns it into a plot viable for a Summer Blockbuster. Check out the trailer, see what you think.

Expendables 3

Release Date: 15th August 2014

Anyone who’s willing to suspend their critical faculties would have had a blast with the last two Expendables movies. The guiltless franchise brings together Hollywood’s most epic action heroes to blow up, shoot and one-line themselves out of trouble. Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Jet Li, Antonio Banderas, Wesley Snipes, Dolph Lundgren, Harrison Ford and Arnie are among the cast. Need we say more?

Dawn of the Plant of the Apes

Release Date: 23rd May 2014

The Rise of the Planet of the Apes was an enthralling reboot of the original film and one of the best summer films of 2011. Three years on we get a sequel in which Caesar – the hyper-intelligent and revolting ape from the first one – has another crack at the human race. With such a gap from the prequel, we hope it’s had ample time to grow into a worthy sequel. Although, even if it’s half as good as the first one, it’s going to be great fun.

Sin City: A Dame to Kill For

Release Date: 22nd August 2014

This sequel to Robert Rodriguez’s gloriously gritty Sin City has been nearly 10 years in the waiting. Rourke, Willis, Alba and even Lady GaGa come to a film that we hope will be as wonderfully lustrous as the first. The release will be a big event, save some room for your diary!

We launch Captain America: The Winter Soldier tomorrow, check our website to book:


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