Vampires are cool again.


Vampires. Romance. Film. You think of one thing right? Twilight.

We can’t say the series is a bad thing – the five-part franchise took a combined worldwide total of nearly £2bn at the box office and set a new benchmark for teen romance flicks. Film is to enjoyed by all and who are we to judge a series by its target audience? It had a purpose and it did it exceptionally.

However, each entry to the saga was trounced by critics (barring the first one perhaps) and some felt the vampire sub-genre was taken from its hardcore followers and handed down to the young and doughy masses. The sappy saga trivialised the real quandaries of Vampirism otherwise explored in Neil Jordan’s Interview with a Vampire (1994). Is eternal life a gift or a curse? If you must kill to survive, is it immoral? Are Vampires evil or unfortunate? These questions were at the core of most pre-Twilight vampire flicks – alongside the awesome visuals and characters of course.

Whether you loved it or hated it, the Twilight saga is dead and gone, and like their supernatural protagonists, vamp films live on forever to veer down other roads. One road in the form of Jim Jarmusch’s Palme d’Or nominated comedy Only Lovers Left Alive.

Jarmusch once described it as a “crypto-vampire love story”. We’re not quite sure what the “crypto” means but we’re sure the indie king has an off-the-wall offering this Valentines Day.

Tom Hiddleston plays vampire, Adam, a reclusive rockstar unable to adjust with modern society. After reuniting with his wife of centuries, Eve (Tilda Swinton), long-lost relative, Ava (Mia Wasikowska) arrives to disrupt the happy union.

Telegraph reviewer, Robbie Collin, praised Swinton and Hiddleston’s “sexy, pallid double act: two old souls in hot bodies who have long tired of this Earth, but have nowhere else to make their home”.

Sounds a little more interesting that Breaking Dawn: Part II doesn’t it? Alongside refreshing satire (the pair apparently walk around with blood lollipops), Only Lovers Left Alive seems to be reintroducing the sub-genre to its rightful philosophical stature: after all, what is it like to be a Vampire?

This smoky double-act will give us plenty of reason to believe that this will begin a new chapter in the Vampire genre.

We’ll have a special preview of ‘Only Lovers Left Alive’ on Friday Feb 14th at 20.30. Book your tickets here:


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