Top 5 Alternative Christmas Films

Christmas is a time of tradition. A time of tinsel, presents and a good festive film for the family to doze over after lunch. Most like to go back to the classics: It’s a Wonderful Life, Love Actually, any version of A Christmas Carol, but some may like to spice it up with something different. We’ve compiled a list of five cinematic treats to break the mould this Christmas Day. We’d love to hear any suggestions if you feel we’ve missed something!

Die Hard (1988)

Okay, Bruce Willis’ claim to fame as trigger-happy hero, John McClane, may not be the quintessential tale of yuletide cheer. But, there’s one reason to deem this a Christmas film: it’s set on Christmas Eve. Trapped in a high-rise occupied by terrorists, McClane has to fight his way up to save his wife and get home in time for Christmas lunch. A metaphor on the working-man’s struggle to get home for the holidays? We think so. And so will your nan after a few egg nogs.

Jingle All The Way (1996)

More of a fire-stoker for Arnie mockers these days, but still a hilarious prospect for Christmas Day (albeit for the wrong reasons). Schwarzenegger plays a dad who embarks on an impossible journey to get his son a Turbo Man action figure days before Christmas. Seeing such a big man trumpet himself from store-to-store sets up a series of top gags and we know all about the added comedy that comes with Arnie’s blubbering acting.

Scrooged (1988)

A nutty modern alternative to Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. Bill Murray plays a sleazy, greedy TV executive who get as a visit from three ghosts to change his ways for Christmas. You can’t beat the structure of the classic story, but this rejig is a refreshing twist and a reason to dodge the iffy Patrick Stewart version or the over-played Muppets one this year.

Black Christmas (1974)

This may one to watch when the kids have gone to bed, but this cult horror turns the cheery crimbo trope on its head. A sorority house are suddenly targeted by a killer during the holiday season. No marks for originality, yet this grimy B-flick will give an added thrill to the humdrum Christmas set-up.

Edward Scissorhands (1990)

Tim Burton’s magical, snow-blanketed fairy tale tells the story of a silent title-character played wonderfully by Johnny Depp. When a mad scientist suddenly passes away, his gentle prize-project, Edward, has to fend for himself with scissors for hands. Misunderstood and strangely cuddly, he takes a fancy to a young girl in town, much to the dismay and shock of the other folk. This ethereal heart-warmer is something to please all the family.

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