The Oscar Season Gold Rush: What’re you looking forward to this year?


There comes a time each year when we bridge the awkward August gap after Summer Blockbuster time and drift into Awards Season. As producers vie for the Academy’s attention, we’re blessed with months of build-up and, of course, a string of wonderful films that incense the heart and mind.

We were spoilt last year with the likes of Tarantino’s Neo-Western ‘Django Unchained’, Affleck’s nail-biter ‘Argo’ and Ang Lee’s vivid picture piece ‘Life of Pi’. With so much quality, the big question among staff is: what’s next for the 86th Academy Awards in March 2014?

It’s tough to draw any conclusions until we test the waters at January’s Golden Globes, but it’s easy to start fleshing out predictions. Despite Cuaron’s claustrophobic space-chiller ‘Gravity’ being raised as the top contender for Best Picture, its lead lady Sandra Bullock will likely miss out on Best Actress to Cate Blanchett’s sublime role in Woody Allen’s ‘Blue Jasmine’. Paul Greengrass’ ‘Captain Phillips’ will be in the mix and may get Tom Hanks his third Oscar. All of this and we haven’t even mentioned Scorsese’s ‘Wolf of Wall Street’, David O’Russell’s ‘American Hustle’ or Steve McQueen’s ’12 Years a Slave’.

So, there’s a lot to look forward to, whether it the pomp of the celeb-smacked build-up or the films themselves. We asked our team of cinematically seasoned staff members what they’re looking forward to this Awards Season, check out the answers below.

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Alexander Penn, Genesis Café Barista, 22: ‘This year’s all about Woody Allen (see right). Not only is he likely to get his fourth writing Oscar (above and beyond any record), but he’s getting the Cecil B DeMille Lifetime achievement award at the Globes. Will he turn up though?’

Big year ahead? Image courtesy of Colin Swan via Flickr (cc)
Big year ahead?

Nimo Yusuf, Duty Manager, 25: ‘I can’t wait for there to be all eyes on the film world. Everybody has a sudden interest in film as art rather than just entertainment, signalling a great time to work in a cinema.’

Nick Hurd, Floor Staff, 25: ‘I’m looking forward to doing the Oscar challenge with my mates, where we try to watch every film nominated by the night of the ceremony. But I’m not looking forward to foreign films and directors being marginalised for Hollywood cinema. The Academy needs to broaden their horizons – I hope they won’t be on the same form that they were last year when they cruelly shunned the brilliant Rust & Bone – the rule to only allow one film from a country for Best Foreign Language Film is ridiculous’

Neef Rehman, Bar Paragon Bartender, 20: ‘I’m looking forward to seeing how high the heels are on Tom Cruise’s shoes. Red Carpet antics are as much a part of the fun as the films.’

Jade Williams, Genesis Café Barista, 21: ‘Hopefully seeing Tom Hanks, the nicest man in Hollywood history, get his third Oscar. And seeing which actress is wearing the sluttiest dress’

Is this Cuaron's big chance for Academy recognition?  Image Courtesy of David Light Orchard via Flickr (cc)
Is this Cuaron’s big chance for Academy recognition?

Ally Clow, General Manager, 34: ‘I look forward to seeing a standoff between 12 Years A Slave and Alfonso Cuaron’s (see left) Gravity. Gravity should clean up on the technical awards but best film should go to the slavery epic. We may even see a split for Best Film to 12 Years A Slave and Best Director to Alfonso Cuarón for Gravity.’




What do you guys think? We’ll be showing every film as they come out so keep an eye on our website:


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