The Good, the Bad and the Unseen come to Bar Paragon (upstairs at Genesis Cinema)

The Good, the Bad and the Unseen come to Bar Paragon (upstairs at Genesis Cinema)

Expose yourself to the unexpected with monthly film night ‘The Good, the Bad, the Unseen’.

Showcasing the best and worst from the distant climes of the bizarre world of cinema, ‘The Good, the Bad, the Unseen’ present a different theme every month.

This month they return with an Ozploitation double feature of WAKE IN FRIGHT and TURKEY SHOOT.

There will be a stall selling various film related material which keeps The Good,The Bad,The Unseen up and running.

Director Ted Kotcheff, 1971

WAKE IN FRIGHT (also known as Outback) is a 1971 Australian film directed by Ted Kotcheff and starring Gary Bond, Donald Pleasence and Chips Rafferty. The screenplay was written by Evan Jones, based on Kenneth Cook’s 1961 novel of the same name.

Made on a budget of A$800,000, the movie was an Australian/American co-production by NLT Productions and Group W. WAKE IN FRIGHT tells the story of a young school teacher who descends into personal moral degradation after finding himself stranded in a brutal, menacing town in outback Australia.

For many years, WAKE IN FRIGHT enjoyed a reputation as Australia’s great “lost film” because of its unavailability on VHS or DVD, as well as its absence from television broadcasts. In mid-2009, however, a thoroughly restored digital re-release was shown in Australian theatres to considerable acclaim. Later that same year it was issued commercially on DVD and Blu-ray. Wake in Fright is now recognised as a seminal film of the Australian New Wave.

Director Brian Trenchard Smith, 1982

TURKEY SHOOT, also known as Escape 2000 and Blood Camp Thatcher, is a 1982 Australian dystopian futurist exploitation film directed by Brian Trenchard-Smith notable for its extreme violence and sadistic prison sequences. The film features plot elements of The Most Dangerous Game, but rather than having human targets hunted for sport by a madman on his own island, The Establishment offers the opportunity to rich adventurers with legal immunity. The cast is a mix of international actors and Australian soap opera stars and television personalities. labeled it “Easily the cheapest and nastiest piece of mainstream celluloid ever stitched together by our [Australia’s] mad cinematic scientists.”

Admission is FREE


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