Rachael’s Honourable Mentions of 2012

Dredd 3D


Not the best film of 2012 but certainly one of the most entertaining. The plot is simple (it’s The Raid with less martial arts and more DREDD), but it’s action-packed and the 3D effects used to illustrate the futuristic drug SLO-MO are mesmerising.



Yet another superhero film for 2012. Except this one gets rid of the comic book elements and instead asks what might happen if a group of teenagers really did suddenly find themselves with superpowers. What follows is less inspiring than the Avengers, and darker than Batman but it’s worth a watch for just being a little different, if nothing else.

Best Exotic Marigold Hotel


Set on a colourful Indian background with some of the finest British actors this little film was heart-warming, funny and moving, and sadly overlooked.

This Must Be The Place


Quirky from the outset, and progressively stranger as the plot went on this film covered everything from family struggles to glam rock to Nazi war criminals. The photography was brilliant, as was the acting and my only criticism is that Frances McDormand wasn’t in it enough.

The Cabin In The Woods


If you’ve yet to see this film the less you know about it the better, but it’s everything you would expect from a horror film yet nothing like any you’ve seen before. Written by Joss Wheddon it’s clever, funny, scary but above all original.


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