Alex Penn’s Top 5 Films of 2012

Genesis team member, Alex Penn, has chosen his top 5 films of this year as part of our cinema-wide poll. 

1 – The Master (10/10)


Numbing, entrancing, stupefying, emulsifies the power of cinema. PTA’s great coming-of-age masterpiece.

2 – Life of Pi (9/10)

3D becomes art in this dazzling feast. Punches the heart and transports you into another realm. Extraordinary achievement.

3 – Killing them softly (9/10)

A flat hum-drummer that eulogises the American Dream. Violent and Ominous, Dominik’s delivered a super-cool surprise hit

4 – Brave (8.5/10)

Pixar meets Disney of old. Warm, snuggly kids film, with bags of quality. Masters the simplest of childhood fables.

5 – Argo (8/10)

Could do with some defluffing, but Affleck’s grinding suspense thriller touts him as one of Hollywood’s up and coming auteurs.


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